It is with great joy that I write to recommend the ministry and mission work of the Mickey Cofer Family. Since May of 2008, it has been our privilege to support and work closely with the Cofers as they serve the Lord in Mongolia.

On several occasions, members of our church have taken missions trips to Mongolia to see and assist in the work. Each one of those trips have stirred the hearts of our members for missions and given them a love for this country. This is not only a testimony to the work of God, but also to the work of the Cofer family. Not only have we seen the ministry in Mongolia grow during our years of support, but we have also been able to see this missionary family grow in the Lord, as well. I have watched as they handled both joy and trials with grace and humility. Bro. Mickey and his dear family are wonderful servants of our Lord.

Thank you for taking the time to consider the Cofer family. I can assure you that they will be a blessing to your church family and worthy of your support. They will bear fruit to your account!

Dr. Mike Norris, Pastor | Franklin Road Baptist Church


I know we are not talking about America in this instance, but I could not describe the ministry of Mickey and Trina Cofer and the wildly rugged and untamed land and people of Outer Mongolia any better than the quote above. As we know from history, the Mongolians were once conquerors of the entire world, and though they have since faded into obscurity, they continue to be fiercely independent and demanding about who lives among them in respect. The Cofers pioneer spirit matches the Mongolian people’s rugged individualism and they are passionately engaged in the advancement of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ to the far corners of their distant land.

Though the semi-nomadic Mongolians keep the old traditions, they are looking for new ways to navigate their way through the quickly developing pace their towns are experiencing. Mickey and Trina got established by hard work well before the surge and are now doing what they can to help the local people develop industries that will enable some to become more fruitful in the wake of increasing opportunity. They also established a printing ministry that provides Bibles, Sunday school curriculum, evangelism and discipleship materials for the growing number of churches throughout this pioneer field.

I had the privilege of ministering with the Cofers at the Brave-Hearted Youth Summer Camp in my position as an advisor in Christian camping, just one of the ministries being developed by this hard-working, humble couple and their family. This year’s summer camp is opening for its third season. Scores of young people, many of whom have never heard the gospel in their lives, have trusted Christ through this exciting outreach! Most importantly, the Cofers have been used of God to plant a vibrant, independent Baptist church that is true to the Scriptures and active in reaching out to the spiritually needy families within the village and surrounding area.

I do not know that I could have found a family that works any harder to bring the Truth to people. You really have to see this ministry to understand how effective it has become for God’s glory. I recommend the ministers and the work of Mongolian Missions as highly as possible.

Ken Collier, President | The Wilds Christian Association, Inc | www.wilds.org

FirstBible International

Greetings in Jesus’ Name.

I am writing to you on behalf of another brother whom I hold in high esteem “…for their work’s sake”, Mickey Cofer, missionary to Mongolia.

Mickey and his wife, Trina, have been faithful missionaries for twelve years in Mongolia, one of the hardest fields in the free world. They have pioneered a work that consists of a Fundamental Independent Baptist Church in the village of Khatgal as well as a country-wide camping ministry for the young people of Mongolia. First Bible International of Mongolia is under the authority of the church in Khatgal. They have also partnered with the Trinitarian Bible Society in translating the New Testament into the mother tongue from the TR for the dear people of that country.

They have stayed faithful through many tribulations and separation from family, as well as a near fatal horse riding accident with their son, Jonah.

Mickey and Trina are coming home for a much needed and long overdue furlough. In an effort to raise additional prayer and financial support to meet the growing needs of the work in Mongolia, they are looking for good churches in which to present their ministry.

I have been to Mongolia on numerous occasions and have seen their work first-hand and up close. I believe these veteran missionaries are tested and tried servants of God, bearing in their bodies the marks of the Lord Jesus. Please pray about the possibility of him sharing their ministry with you and your church family while they are home on furlough. I honestly believe you will be glad you did and that your church will be blessed by their ministry.

Charles F. Keen | Founder, First Bible International


“Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.”